Here you will find the genuine Thailand, with the cheerful and welcoming reception of the locals and, among other things, the below listed points!
Food and Beverage
There are at least 10 restaurants within a walking distance of the area.  There you can enjoy what the Thai  cuisine has to offer for unbeatable prices. After dinner, feel free to enjoy an ice cream, a cup of cappuccino with homebaked cookies in one of our cafés, or perhaps a cold beer in the shade of the palm trees.
In any of the local fruit stands you can  find exotic fruits, spices and vegetables. Or better yet, visit any of the local supermarkets for an even greater selection.
Body care/Health
If you get bored of laying around the pool all day, there are numerous of activities to choose from.
Less than a hundred meters from the area you will find two spas, where you can experience  thai-or  oil massage with soothing traditional thai music and fragrant incense aromas.
And after a relaxing massage, why not enjoy a cup of green tea? 
Naturally, all kinds of western beauty treatments are also available at advantageous prices!
If you'd rather enjoy a massage on the beach, simply take a five minute walk to Chakpong beach. Find a mattress and enjoy your massage to the gentle cooling sea breeze and the relaxing sound of waves.
Would you rather get up and about? Take a walk along the 6 km long beach, whenever you feel like taking a break, walk out in the 28C degree water and let it cool you down, or if you'd rather stay on land - stop for a delicious meal or drink in one of the many beach restaurants.
If you're looking for a more traditional kind of exercise, simply hit the gym which is located just 4km away. 
Ban Phe  is located just 10 km from Chakpong. Originally a genuine fishing village, which slowly but surely grew to the cozy little town it is today. Here you will find most of the necessities, such as a bank, postal office and stores. You can also find an optician and  dental clinic to a very affordable price, even in Thai standards.
Ban Phe is also a hub for numerous excursions to popular destinations. From here you can for example take the ferry to Kho Samet, which is a lovely little island and national park.
The ferry to Kho samet will take you about 45 minutes.
15 km from Chakpong you will find Klaeng, the main town in the muncipilaty.
Klaeng is a slightly bigger if somewhat old town. Here you can find a hospital, a  very modern private medical clinic, as well as various other municipal services.
The closest major city is Rayong, located 30km from Chakpong. Rayong is also the provincial capital. There you will find everything you might need, and then some.  Should you for some reason find yourself in need of medical attention, it is there you will find the best treatment.
Kho Chang is nothing short of an El Dorado for those looking for  an incredible diving- or snorkling experience. If you do not have one already, you can also take your diving certificate here.
The trip to Kho Chang will take you just about 3 hours.
A taxi from the airport (Subvarnabumi) will take about 2.5 hours and cost you around 3500 bth for 6-8 people.
Bangkok probably doesn't need any further introduction, but it might be worth to mention that a cab there will take you about 3 hours (200km), and will cost you about 3500 bth with a mini-bus. If you'd rather take the local bus to Bangkok (Ekermai), it will take you 4 hours and cost you 179 bth/person.
Within just 45 minutes car-ride from Chakpong there are 30 golf courses. Amongst these you will find some of the best golf courses in the country, such as the Siam Country Club, which has three top notch courses.
Are you planning on a longer stay in Thailand and have kids that still go to school?
Eastern Swedish school will have you covered. You will find the information you need at www.svenskskolabanphe.se

There you can safely leave your kids or grandchildren to receive the education they need.
Tourist destinations
Within 1-1.5h  taxi-ride you will find numerous travel destinations suitable for all tastes and ages. To list some of the things you can do; go elephant riding, swim with dolphins, visit a crocodile farm, orchid garden, or the Pattaya waterpark.
And while you're at it, why not book a boat tour from Chackpong beach? Step ashore in any of the many islands and enjoy a BBQ or snorkel in the pristine turquoise waters.
For the gourmet, there are naturally several high class restaurants of various cuisines around.
Another highly appreciated activity one shouldn't miss out on is the Pattaya shopping tour.